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Youth Theatre Wins 1st Place | February 2013
National Performing Arts Festival
The weekend of February 22-23, 2013 YT was awarded the Showcase Award at the National Performing Arts Festival—a theater competition held annually at
Disneyworld in Orlando, FL—to compete with 20-minute vignettes from The Little Mermaid, Jr. and Wise Girl, an original work. The Youth Theatre NPAF
Competition Team was comprised of 18 students from Batchelor Middle School, Binford Elementary School, Bloomington High School South, Childs Elementary
School, Edgewood High School, Indiana University, and the Project School.

The NPAF is a format where youth who are passionate about musical theatre can concentrate on that passion in an educational, encouraging environment—where
they and their parents can also have a blast at Disneyworld at the same time! From a director's standpoint, we feel that the competitive process was immensely
beneficial for the YT students involved. As Youth Theatre (YT) prepared for the NPAF over a six-month period, our students learned so much about working as a
team, making commitments, meeting deadlines, developing creativity, accepting leadership roles within a group, and discovering how to express themselves
through dramatic arts.

This year, we enjoyed the opportunity to sit in on the workshops with the judges--Ben, Dirk,  and Delisa--and the Disney casting directors. With such a wide
range of ages present, we appreciated that the instructors were able to make the workshops fun, informative, and relatable for everyone in our group, from our
youngest at age 10 to our oldest at age 19. Workshops, auditions, and master classes throughout the country demand that students be able to implement
constructive criticism, process directions and choreography quickly, and communicate well with directors or coaches in a variety of settings. We appreciate that the
NPAF was able to tailor the workshops to the types of settings that theatre students will encounter in the professional theater world! We are so excited to see how
the NPAF will continue to develop and expand over the next several years, and we are grateful to Brightspark and Disney for providing this awesome festival!

Please check out the video about the National Performing Arts Festival below!